Sagittarius Inspired Bracelet w/Tibetan Sliver Plated Focal Bead


Stabilized Turquoise – Amethyst – Labradorite & Black Tourmaline Bead Crystals with a featured Tibetan Sliver Plated Focal Bead.


Bead Size: 10 MM

Centerline Diameter Shown = 8-1/2 inches

Adult/Teen – Unisex

All bracelets are handmade to size and bound together with 4 layers of .7mm jewelry fiber for durable flex and strength.

Sagittarius Inspired Bracelet With Tibetan Sliver Plated Focal Bead [ Nov 22 – Dec 21 ]

The best expression of a Sagittarian mind is spirituality. The lucky stone of this zodiac sign is Turquoise. This stone is opaque to the earth and has the miraculous power to lift the spirit. Wearing turquoise helps in getting an inner guidance to focus on worthy pursuits in life. Turquoise is all about harmony. As a water stone, it helps to quell the Archer’s ruling element of fire and so foster balance and stability. [ Bracelet Features Stabilized Turquoise Beads ]
Labradorite is an another good stone for Sagittarius because it calms the mind and stimulates the imagination at the same time. It provides physical and spiritual protection and facilitates self-discovery and enhanced intuition. It is also known to help with depression and anxiety, which can help people get through their days more easily.
Amethyst gives Sagittarius the connection to their intuition and higher consciousness that they need to help them gain insight into the world they so long to understand. It helps them get out of their head and into their heart and spirit. Amethyst helps you increase your serenity and calmness, and if you need some motivation, Amethyst can help you set realistic goals.
Black Tourmaline is like having a cosmic guard dog by the Sagittarius side, helping you fend off unwanted or negative demands on your time, energy, and resources. This crystal protects you, transmuting negative energy into positive. It’s ready to fight for you at all times.

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