Yin-Yang / Tai Chi Leather Bracelet


Custom sized leather bracelet with stainless steel magnetic clasp.


Individually sized for the perfect fit, Yin-Yang symbol bracelet (also known as the Tai Chi symbol). Stainless steel easy to fasten magnetic clasp with 10x5mm genuine leather wrapped bracelet band available in black, brown or red leather.
Yin, Chinese for “female” or “moon,” represents darkness, femininity, passivity, and the earth. Yang (“sun” or “male”) represents light, masculinity, activity, and the heavens. The balance of Yin and Yang are seen to influence health and order within an individual, society, and the entire universe.

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5.5 in., 6 in., 6.5 in., 7 in., 7.50 in., 7.75 in., 8 in., 8.50 in., 9 in.

Bracelet Color

Black, Brown, Red